About Us


The Pennsylvania Association of Weights and Measures was formed in 1915. Its membership is made up of state and local (city/county) weights and measures officials and industry members made up of businesses that manufacture, sell or service weighing or measuring devices or package, label or sell products for retail or wholesale.



To provide a forum for the discussion of all questions and problems related to the administration, regulation, and enforcement of Weights and Measures at all levels of government.

To encourage and promote within the member jurisdictions, uniform enforcement methods, testing and inspection procedures.

To discourage all unfair practices and procedures related to Weights and Measures.

To cooperate with the Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture, all Pennsylvania county and city jurisdictions, The Northeast Weights and Measures Association, the National Institute of Standards and Technology and the National Conference on Weights and Measures.

To establish professionalism of weights and measures activities and to promote the general technical knowledge of all membership.

To make the public in general aware of the protection and equity available in all commercial transactions through weights and measures administration and enforcement.

Mission Statement


Ensuring equity in the marketplace.

Our Board

President: Michael Bannon Bucks Co.
Vice President: Dave Patchall State Inspector
Vice President: Tom Leedy  
 Vice President:  Dave Cutchineal  Bucks Co.
Secretary: Stephanie Sonafelt Westmoreland Co.
Treasurer: Ralph Rhule  State Inspector
Sergeant at Arms: John Keppel  Northampton Co.
Past president: Gerald Buckley Montour/Sullivan Co.
Executive Director: Vacant  
At Large Member Vacant  


The Pennsylvania Association of Weights & Measures

P O Box 594 New Alexandria, PA 15670

Serving the Consumers of Pennsylvania Since 1915